The spider has awakened

Greed single art by Theraphosa

After their critically acclaimed debut album “Transcendence” the french band Theraphosa (which is the name of the biggest known spider on the planet) continued to hone their skills in songwriting and production while sticking to their trademark sound and appearance also in the visual elements which can be seen in the cinematographic new concept video accompanying the new single “Greed”. The new single marks the starting point in a longer cooperation between Theraphosa and Circular Wave – WELCOME to the family, guys!

“Greed” is about love for money and material goods, a love so deep that it becomes idolatry. What we possess ends up defining who we are, giving birth to an insatiable desire within us to have more in order to become more. It is a deep disorder which makes us poorer the richer we want to become. It is an insidious vice, a danger growing at the same pace as fortune. This catchy Progressive Metal tune is the first of a series to come taking a close look at the dark and hidden sides of human beings.