Ad Astra is shining in full scope now

Ad Astra Album Cover (rights: Circular Wave)

The time has come to reach for the stars. In the spirit of duality in mind despite all troubles and turbulences a modern individual may have to go through, to get “Ad Astra” (= “to the stars”) is the aspirable positive side of the coin.

APHYXION‘s red hot new studio album is the 4th longplayer in this young band’s career. 11 songs tell stories about mental health, near-death experiences, getting over frustrations, breakups and disappointments – and the wide open space ahead of you to be filled with brighter elements. The concept of duality also becomes apparent in the well-balanced mixture of harsh metal sounds and growls in exchange with clear and catchy melodies.

 Ad Astra” is the first album which sees the band open up for a variety of collaborations, including “Pathless” (with Siamese’s Mirza Radonjica), “Oceans Of Time” (with Chaosbay’s Jan Listing) and “Heavy Shadows” (with IMMERSE’s Archie Hatfield).

Two of the singles leading up to the album release got listed in the Top 20 of the UK Kerrang! “Best New Music” charts.

The cover art exists as a real painted picture created by Fabian Eichstaedt, a Hamburg based artist, inspired by the album title.

The new single “Anomalies” is a celebration of being an unadjusted misfit whose value it is not to be a part of the silent mass of conformity. It postulates that it’s your edges which are the jags of the stars and which you shouldn’t grind down just to be a part of the majority, or in APHYXION’s own words in this song: “Don’t let them steal all your wonder.” The video gives a good impression of the vibe at the sold out show in Copenhagen from January this year.