Call Me Amour


LOVE is something we could use a little more of in the world right now. Whether it be to love one another, love the blessing of this life or learning to love yourself, it’s all a journey we are on.

Before CALL ME AMOUR, these musicians had their own journeys discovering themselves on the road and fuelling their addiction of the stage. Whether it be signing to Sony Music, playing the London Astoria, Brixton Academy, Download Festival, performing on Top of The Pops, performing in the musical ‘American Idiot’, touring with bands like Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach… their individual achievements in previous outfits speak for themselves. But in what seemed like a blink, their journeys were over, over by design, over because they all individually walked away… Money, politics and popularity is something we hear about on a daily basis and unfortunately they have plagued us all in different ways throughout our lives and it’s these factors that turned the lights off.

Years passed, new lives and self discovery built internal bridges to what was important. Long-standing friendships, admiration for each others abilities and the love for what music can do and be brought CALL ME AMOUR together. Throughout 2023 the band have released two singles off  their debut EP in the form of “Blackout” and “IMFKD”. Both tracks gaining traction on numerous BBC Radio 1 shows as well as playlisting on other leading UK stations including Kerrang Radio. 2023´s April and May saw the band join THE HARA on their full UK album tour gaining rave reviews as well as cementing their name further in the UK scene. CALL ME AMOUR were back on the road again in July but this time main support to US rock band POP EVIL. This tour took the band across the UK and for the first time over the water to mainland Europe. The European shows for CALL ME AMOUR, came reactions they were not prepared for, the love and crowd response they received fuelled their desire to return as soon as possible.

Now, with their largest tour to date in their sights CALL ME AMOUR are preparing to release their 3rd  single off their debut EP (October 6th 2023). The band are then due to release their EP in November before joining US rockers AGAINST THE CURRENT across the UK and Europe, on the largest tour and in front of the biggest crowds the band has done to date!


Latest Release

Girl On The Wall

A slap as monumental as it is unexpected
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In their first appearance in France, this support band provides a bull's eye worthy of a huge band. Already during the second song, the singer briefly mingled with the crowd. During the third song he sees how the audience reacts and sings the whole first part of "Deeper" in complete darkness in the pit, illuminated only by the lights of the cell phones. A great moment! Right after that, a girl with a velvety voice with short hair accompanies him for a song. This is followed by a rousing cover of Firestarter (by Prodigy). Finally, they play one last song, with frontman Harry running around the hall all over the microphone to hug the audience between two verses. In short, a program in which no one seemed to be bored, involving the musicians (and not only the singer), especially the drummer, who stood on the side of the stage and used his whole arsenal of gestures to emphasize his stage presence.
Unexpected but not unwelcome!
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Despite the sound issues at the start, this eventually turned out to be a brilliantly memorable set with more twists in it than an M. Night Shyamalan film!
Review by graeme wright
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The band have an EP due out soon, so the biggest task they have now is to match the amazing intensity they showed in the live arena when laying their material down to vinyl. If you get a chance to see this band in the flesh I urge you to do so, this was a pitch perfect show of the highest quality.
Live Review : Pop Evil + Call Me Amour @ Rebellion, Manchester on May 5th 2023
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We arrive just before four-piece Call Me Amour take to the stage. The venue is already packed and having been asked to arrive on time to catch this band I am intrigued to see and hear what they are all about. Their website describes them as “mixing dark electronica and sonic guitars” and the energy on stage is infectious; they have the audience engaged from the get-go. I have not seen a support act receive this sort of response in a long time.