Lonely Spring


LONELY SPRING is the new art of sadness. Inspired and shaped by the legends of emo-rock, they give this sound their own twist, passing on the spirit that ignited them a good decade ago to the kids of today. Because change is important, but it doesn’t work without tradition. The 2000s want to be back without just being copied and with the precursor to their debut album ‘Change The Waters’, LONELY SPRING deliver the answer in the form of their EP out today and new single ‘Baby’.

‘Change The Waters Vol. 1: the art of being miserable’ is after the debut EP ‘Lovers & Strangers’, the acoustic EP ‘Berlin Therapy’ and the single ‘Drug’ the next creative output and step of the band towards their debut album. LONELY SPRING have already toured Germany and even Europe several times with bands like Our Last Night, Sea Girls and Emil Bulls. They have also played shows with State Champs, Ignite, As It Is, Hands Like Houses and Being As An Ocean, as well as numerous festivals such as Hammaburg Fest, Free and Easy and Jukuu Festival.


Latest Release

Change The Waters - The debut album!

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